Lucy has more than enough in her life to juggle. With a failed marriage, three broken engagements, a popular ghost-hunting show, and a Bichon Frise, she doesn't need any more complications. So when she heads to the Orkney Islands to investigate and film a prehistoric site, she doesn't expect to be confronted with the man who broke her heart in college. She also doesn't expect to still be irresistibly attracted to him.

Philip has devoted his life to his career in archaeology, and he doesn't appreciate being forced to entertain a nitwit ghost-hunter on his dig site. But when he discovers the ghost-hunter is Lucy, his controlled, driven existence suddenly spirals out of control. A week of hot sex might be a reasonable indulgence--given the circumstances--but anything more than that is strictly off the table.

They have far too much history between them, and it's just too hard to dig it all up.