Reading Order

Series Order

A lot of my books are standalones and can be read in any order. The books within individual series are listed in the correct order by cover on the Book page. I do have some interconnected series, however, so you can see that order below.

Heirs of Damon / Beaufort Bride / Eden Manor

  1. Read the Heirs of Damon books first, starting with Seducing the Enemy.
  2. Then read the Beaufort Brides series, starting with Hired Bride.
  3. Finally, read the Eden Manor series, starting with One Week with her Rival.

One Night

Three of the One Night novellas are interconnected. They should be read in the following order:

  1. One Night with her Boss
  2. One Night with her Roommate
  3. One Night with the Best Man

The other three novellas are not interconnected and can be read in any order.

Willow Park

The Willow Park series has five books and begins with Married for Christmas. Later this year, I'm beginning a spin-off series called Balm of Gilead that should be read after the Willow Park books.

Preference Order

If you're looking for a place to start on my books that most suits your tastes and preferences, you can try the the suggestions below.

If you like short, fast-moving, romantic reads that still feel authentic to human experience...

Start with Seducing the Enemy or Hired Bride, and then continue reading through those two series

If you like deeper, emotional reads that are still very romantic...

Start with Listed, Bittersweet, or Salvation, and then move on to the Willow Park books.

If you like long, sprawling sagas...

Start with Listed.

If you like novellas you can read in one sitting...

Start with the One Night stories.

If you like fun, very sexy reads...

Start with A Negotiated Marriage or Holiday Heat.

If you like damaged heroines and heroes who take care of them....

Start with Salvation or Listed.

If you like mature characters who don't act like teenagers...

Start with Missing or Late Fall.

If you like the main characters to have children...

Start with Bittersweet or Revival.

If you like books with more of a literary quality....

Start with Late Fall or Salvation.